Rina Goldfield

New York, NY


  • Cooper Union (BFA)

Rina has taught art, logic, and math to thousands of children and adults throughout New York City. Her teaching philosophy is guided by a growth mindset. She believes that anyone can do anything, given time and training. She particularly loves helping students work past feeling “bad” at a topic and towards empowerment. She grew up in a house filled with books and surrounded by bears. Her interests outside of teaching include reading, painting, and fun.

What students are saying

“Rina is super nice and super supportive. Totally like a motherly figure of the LSAT. Rina is very kickass.”

What students are saying

“Rina is excellent at assessing students' strengths and weaknesses. ”

What students are saying

“I really enjoyed Rina in the course. She was very patient, informative, and engaging.”