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Re: GMAT official website issues?

by StaceyKoprince Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:05 pm

Hi! I just logged into my account and here's what I'm seeing:

I *can* view my GMAT Online score by clicking "View GMAT Online Score."

I *cannot* see my regular GMAT scores on-screen when clicking on the little drop-down carat thing—that seems to be broken, as some space comes up but nothing's written in it—but I *can* download a PDF when I click on "View Official Score" under "Score Reportable."

I don't know whether it was all broken when you looked yesterday but some pieces are fixed now or whether you didn't try clicking "View Official Score" to download the PDF yesterday. Go ahead and try again now and let us know what you see (or don't see).

I also followed the links to register for both formats of the exam and those are all working for me today—so that seems to be back up again, too. Seems like the site must just have gone down for a bit yesterday.
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